Garanti Health Prime

Garanti Health Prime has been exclusively created for you to meet you basic health insurance needs.

Garanti Health Prime is a health insurance product which covers treatment expenses that you may incur in the case that you become ill and/or get injured due to an accident, at health institutions in the Prime Contracted Institutions network within the coverage limits.

Created exclusively for you to meet your basic health insurance needs, Garanti Health Prime provides coverage for in-patient treatment at health institutions in the Prime Contracted Institutions network without limitations.

To apply, you can visit the nearest Garanti branch.



* Garanti Health Prime's in-patient treatment coverage at non-contracted institutions is limited to 10.000 TL and 40% participation. Non-contracted physician fees are determined based on the limits set by the Turkish Medical Association.

** Garanti Health Prime is offered by Eureko Insurance.

  • Features and Coverages


    • For medical interventions needed in line with your health situation, surgical or medical treatment expenses at hospitals, intensive care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis expenses are covered at contracted institutions and physicians, without limits.
    • Examinations that may be needed in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis procedures, small surgical or medical observation-treatment procedures that may be needed in emergency situations are covered within the in-patient treatment coverage.
    • In all covered surgical or medical in-patient treatments, in cases that you use your other, if any, health insurance (national or private), your Garanti Health Insurance policy turns into a supplementary insurance as Surgery Compensation Coverage or Daily Hospitalization Coverage.
    • Prosthesis Coverage, limbs not intended for aesthetic purposes such as fingers, hands, arms, legs, and devices implanted in the body with the objective of performing the functions of a non-functioning organ due to an accident or illness that has occurred withing the insurance period are covered within the annual limits and limit payment percentage specified in the policy.
    • Minor Surgical Intervention and Medical Observation Coverage includes health expenses such as “surgical interventions” that are specified as minor operations (for example mole removal), plaster cast implementations (including examinations carried out for diagnosis purposes such as x-rays), foreign body removal, and tampon for nose bleeds.
    • Available for once per year, coverage for control mammography for women over the age of 40, and PSA test for men over the age of 40.


    • Emergency Help Service: For on-the-spot intervention and/or transfer to the nearest health institution in life-threatening emergency situations, the insured, by calling the “Emergency Help Line” specified on the card, can take advantage of the Emergency Help Service in Turkey and in regions that this service is available.
    • In the cases that the insured cannot be transferred to a sufficiently equipped health institution by land, domestic air ambulance service is provided with the approval of the authorized doctor and upon the submission of the necessary medical information to the insurance company.

    Family Discount

    A 5% discount in total is offered for Garanti Health Prime policies that you want to purchase for your family members. With advance payment option or 12 different payment alternatives with terms up to 12 months, you can shape your policy according to your budget.



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