Accumulating Savings Account

You save up regularly, and we will increase your savings.

With the Accumulating Savings Account you can regularly save up TL, USD, Euro every month. If you wish you can automatically deposit money from any of your Garanti Bank credit cards without paying any commissions or interest. The amount you deposit builds up in the long-term with the advantageous interest rates of the Accumulating Savings Account, and thus you obtain returns from your savings. Furthermore, you can also make interim payments over the course of the term.

You can open an Accumulating Savings Account via Internet Banking or 444 0 333 Alo Garanti.

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If you don't have an account at Garanti yet, all you have to do to open an account is to visit the nearest Garanti branch.

  • Features and Benefits
    • You can open your Accumulating Savings Account in TL, USD or Euro.
    • The minimum monthly payment amounts are TL 50, USD 50, Euro 50.
    • The term is 3, 5  or 10 years.
    • When opening the account, you can make a lump-sum payment as the “opening amount”.
    • For the first year, the maximum annual deposit interest rate that the bank applies for the currency that you select is applied. For the following years, the interest rate is determined at the beginning of each term by applying an additional interest rate to the maximum annual deposit interest rate.
    • You start earning interest from the moment you make your first payment to your Accumulating Savings Account. At the end of each year, interest will accrue to your account.
    • Over the course of the term, you can make interim payments in an amount that you determine, provided the payment is made on the regular payment dates only. 
    • You can change the payment amount for as many times as you wish, provided it does not fall below the minimum payment amounIn the case where the regular payment amount cannot be collected, partial collection is carried out from the available balance of your account or the available limit of your credit card, provided it is not below the minimum regular payment amount. Regular payments made in the form of partial collections are not considered  as “overdue payments”.
    • You can withdraw money from your Accumulated Savings Account whenever you wish. However your account will be closed if you withdraw mone In the case that there are 3 consecutive overdue payments within the same year, your account is automatically closed and the balance available in the account is transfered to your current account.
      If you wish, you can receive reminder messages from Garanti Reminder on the payment-due dates.


  • Interest Rates
  • FAQs

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    Can I withdraw any amount of money I want from my Accumulating Savings Account?

    You can withdraw any amount of money you want from your Accumulating Savings Account, however when you withdraw money your account will be closed.

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