Create Your Flexi Yourself

If you think that none of the packages suit your needs, create your own Flexi.

If you think that none of the packages suit you and you like to create things, don't hesitate, determine your card's installments, bonus and interest rate.

With this option offered only through and Garanti Internet Banking, you can create your card in 3 steps.

  • Choose the campaign that suits you the best!
  • Determine your interest rate, the bonus to be earned and the card fee!
  • Choose your card visual!

You can apply for a Flexi Card at any Garanti Bank branch.

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  • Options

    When creating your card, the first thing you need to do is to decide on which campaign type suits you the best. For this, we have 4 campaign suggestions for you.

    • Choose one campaign that suits you the best.
    • Decide whether you want extra installments or extra bonus in the campaign that you have chosen.
    • Also determine the amount of extra installments and bonus yourself.

    Remember, your campaign is not restricted to a certain period of time. You benefit from these opportunities for as long as you want. If you wish, you can change your campaign afterwards.

    Choose Sector

    Choose the sector that you want, and according to your preference,  earn either extra installments or bonus in the sector that your have chosen. Furthermore, benefit from the same advantages at every merchant in the sector that you have chosen.

    Choose Merchant

    If there are certain companies that you frequently shop from, and if what you want is to earn extra installments or extra bonus at only these merchants, selecting the Choose Merchant campaign will be a great advantage for you! Always benefit from extra installments or extra bonus at 3 merchants that you choose.

    The Highest Expenditure on the Statement

    Do you have a certain expenditure with a significantly high amount each month? In that case, we have a great campaign suggestion for you! With this campaign, you can earn extra installments or extra bonus for the highest expenditure on your latest statement. What's more, you can benefit from this advantage even if your purchase is on installments.

    Instant Campaign

    If you can't decide exactly which merchant or sector you want to benefit from, and want to benefit from the advantages that you want when you want, we offer you 12 rights.

    You can use your right as extra installments or extra bonus for the shopping that you want. After your shopping, you can benefit from extra installments or extra bonus either by using your card number and card PIN on and 444 0 333 Alo Garanti or by choosing the expenditure that you want from your current billing cycle transactions on Internet Banking.

    Through the campaign that you have selected for your Flexi Card, you can earn a maximum of TL 60 bonus within one billing cycle. In total, you can earn a maximum of TL 100 within one billing cycle and a maximum of TL 1.000 within the 12-month period.

    Financial Parameters

    After you choose the campaign* that suits you the best, you also determine the financial features of your card.

    • We leave the decision regarding your interest rate, bonus rate and even your fee to you.
    • If you wish, you can change these features twice a year.
    • You can zero-out the card fee that you have determined by making a spending commitment.

    *Your campaign choice changes your interest rate and bonus intervals. By not choosing any campaign, you can determine a lower interest rate or higher bonus rate in the financial parameters.

  • Rates and Fees
    Product Annual Membership Fee* Supplementary Card Annual Membership Fee* Shopping Interest** Overdue Interest** Cash Advance Interest Cash Advance Fee Over-the -limit Interest
    Flexi Card--% 1,84% 2,52% 1,84% 3,75 + 6,80 TL (minimum 6,80 TL)% 2,02

    Last Update : 19/08/2018 21:15

    KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) and BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax), collected in accordance with the law, are 15% and 5% respectively.

    * No annual membership fee is charged for the first year.
    ** The shopping interest is the interest rate that will be applied to your remaining period balance. The overdue interest is the maximum net monthly interest rate determined by TCMB that will be applied only to the unpaid portion of your minimum payment amount if you pay less than the minimum payment amount of your period balance.

  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    How can I create the visual of my Flexi Card?

    You can determine your card visual by selecting one of the 6 different standard Flexi visuals.

    Find out more

    How can I change my package? What counts as package change?

    You can change your package through 444 0 333 Alo Garanti, or Garanti branches.

    Find out more

    What are the features of Flexi?

    Flexi enables you to earn installments and bonus everywhere Bonus Card is accepted.

    Find out more

    Can I get information in regards to using the bonus accumulated on my Flexi?

    You can use the bonus that you have earned with your Flexi Card in any way that you like.

    Find out more

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