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    12 Giant Men

    Garanti, Main Sponsor of 12 Giant MenGaranti, Main Sponsor of 12 Giant Men

    We have been supporting Men's National Basketball Team since 2001.

    The story of 12 Giant Men began with Garanti becoming sponsor to the national basketball team before the 32nd EuroBasket that was organized in Turkey in 2001.

    Garanti has always been having a special interest in the basketball sport that embraces elements such as teamwork, faith, confidence and discipline which constitute the corporate culture of the bank. Undertaking the official sponsorship of the team, Garanti intended to ensure that basketball gets more public support, that the society gets better informed about the FIBA EuroBasket and gives our National Team its well-deserved support. 

    In this direction, the 12 Giant Men trademark was created and presented to the Turkish basketball. The 12 Giant Men song that was composed for EuroBasket 2001 became an anthem that everyone knew. There was no one left who hadn't heard the name of 12 Giant Men. Both the Turkish Basketball and the brand of 12 Giant Men itself grownup. 12 Giant Men is a trademark now... Our National Team is mentioned as 12 Giant Men everywhere.
    They held the "World's 2nd place" in the World Championship that was organized in Turkey in 2010.