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How often do the pension companies inform the participants regarding their plans?

The pension company is obliged to send the annual account statement within 10 working days after the account periods. Additionally, if at any time the participants want to find out the amount  of their savings, they can find out the daily value of the funds through the call center or website of the pension company, or from Takasbank.
If the companies make any changes regarding the plans and funds, they inform the participants within 10 working days of the date of the change.

  1. Can I change the pension company?

    Yes. If you are not happy with the pension plan you have chosen and the return generated through the pension investment funds, you may change your pension company whenever you wish after your 1 year is up with the pension company which you have entered into an agreement or 1 year after your last change of company.

  2. Who audits the pension companies, and how? How is the security provided?

    The pension companies, in accordance with clearly set procedures and principles, are overseen and audited.

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