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What is Pension Plan and how is it chosen?

Is a private pension product that contains various pension investment funds based on your risk-return preferences and involves an investment strategy. Basically it can be defined as the technical principles that specify the implementation method of the pension agreement. 
Our pension consultants have you fill out a form to determine which plan is more suitable for you. Based on your answers on this form your investment profile is determined, and based on your profile our pension consultants of you the most suitable pension plan. If you wish, you may choose a different pension plan than the one you have been offered. You have the right to change the pension plan you have chosen with another pension plan for a maximum of 4 times a year.

  1. In what investment instruments do the pension companies invest the contribution payments that I make?

    The pension companies must offer you at least 3 different pension funds for you to choose among.

  2. When are the contribution payments made and when are they channeled into investments?

    While the contribution payments can be automatically made through your credit card or bank account, they may also be made through EFT/Money Transfer or as cash payments at the bank.

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