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If I hold off payments, do the guarantees offered through the agreement remain valid for that period as well?

The guarantees offered through the agreement are pension and savings guarantees. Even if the payments are held off, the amount accumulated in this system will continue to appreciate to be used in retirement. In case of death within this period, as they are in the period that the payments are being made, all savings in the system are paid to the beneficiaries who are specified in your agreement or to your legal heirs.

  1. How often can I change the distribution of the contribution amounts among the funds within the pension plan?

    In the Private Pension System, there are pension plans as products, and pension investment funds within each pension plan.

  2. Who is Garanti Asset Management?

    Operating since 1997, Garanti Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of Garanti Bank A.Ş. The company provides investment fund management and corporate portfolio management services.

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