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Which loan products are under the scope of Mortgage Law?

The Law :
Widely known as the "Mortgage Law", the "Law Amending the Laws Related to the Housing Finance System" is an umbrella law that amends various acts, particularly the Capital Markets Law, the Execution and Bankruptcy Law and the Consumer Protection Law.

As known, currently the loans defined as the housing loans are loans that are provided for the purchase of a property or the refinancing of these types of loans.
With the new law, in addition to these loans, the loans that consumers will get by putting up their existing properties as collateral and refinancing of these loans will be considered under the scope of housing finance.


  1. Will it be possible to take out a loan with the conditions defined in the previous legislation, even after the Housing Finance Law comes into effect?

    As the loans provided towards the purchase of a property will be subject to the Housing Finance Law after the law comes into effect ...

  2. Will there be an Early Payment Fee in effect for the housing loans taken out before the law if they are included within the scope of the law?

    The loans taken out before the law came into effect will not be subject to an Early Payment Fee, even if they are included within the scope of the new law.

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