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If Minimatik breaks down, what should I do?

You have to keep the Warranty Document and  the Failure Notification Form provided along Minimatik. You can apply to our branches with these documents. Otherwise your request for failure notification cannot be considered. The defective Minimatik is sent to the supplier to assess if the failure is caused by user error or by a manufacturing defect. If a manufacturing defect is detected, a new Minimatik is given to you by your branch. In the case that a user error is detected, Minimatik is sent back to the branch to be returned to you. To receive further information and to request repair service, you can contact the supplier's Support Line at (0216) 658 66 99. 

  1. What is Minimatik, how can we obtain one?

    "Minimatik" is a money-box that looks like a Paramatik, specially designed for children. When you open a MiniBank account or if you already have one, you can purchase a "Minimatik" for 35 TL as a gift to your child.

  2. Can I open and close accounts via Internet Banking? Can I make account definitions or account changes for my Paracard?

    You can open time deposit accounts, linked to your branch or branches, via Internet Banking in TL and foreign currency types for which you have a current account.

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