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Do I have to withdraw the money sent in lump sum? What happens if I enter the PIN incorrectly?

Yes. The money sent via Cep Bank can only be withdrawn in lump sum and in cash. If the money available in the Paramatik is not sufficient or the denominations are not suitable, the money withdrawal transaction cannot be carried out. However you can perform the transaction through another Paramatik.
When withdrawing the money sent to you via Cep Bank you will be asked to enter the special PIN that appears on the SMS. In the case that this PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times, the transaction will be canceled and the amount sent will be automatically refunded to the sender's account.  

  1. How and from which Garanti Paramatik ATMs can I withdraw the money sent via Cep Bank? Can I withdraw the money from the branches or Golden Point ATMs? Can I transfer it to another account?

    The money sent via Cep Bank can be drawn from any Garanti Paramatik without using a card.

  2. How Can I Get Assistance If a Problem Arises While Using Internet Banking?

    If you need help or want to get detailed information about internet banking, you can call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti and press 9 for English, then follow appropriate steps.

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