Business Owner Package

Great Support for Business Owners from Garanti!

The new support package from Garanti, for our businesman who own their businesses...

With the Business Owner Package that provides the opportunity to use loans at discounted rates, you can meet your financing needs and easily manage your collections and payments. Furthermore, you can enjoy many advantages on basic banking products and services.

  • Loans

    Business Owner Support Loan

    For all your investment and working capital needs, you can take out the installment commercial loan, the Business Owner Support Loan, with terms up to 60 months.

    If you are using various Garanti products such as checkbook, company credit card and POS, you can take advantage of the interest discount. By receiving an interest discount for each product you use from our checkbook, Credit Card and Merchant Partner (POS) products, you can take out your loan with more favorable terms.

    Loan via POS

    With the Loan via POS offered for the first time in the world by Garanti exclusively for SMEs, you can submit your loan application via Garanti POS and immediately take out your loan without a blockage on your POS turnover and without the need for a guarantor or additional collateral.

    Commercial Vehicle Loans

    With the suitable payment terms offered by the Commercial Vehicle Loans, you can easily purchase commercial vehicles. Furthermore, through special agreements Garanti has with vehicle dealers, you can take advantage of brand-specific exclusive discounts and interest rates.

    SME Pension Plan

    With Garanti Pension's advantageous pension plans, you can enroll in the private pension system and secure your and your family's future.

    If you make your contribution payments with Bonus Card, you can earn 1% bonus and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension account if you wish.

    If you select the Flexi Pension Package, you can earn 4% bonus on every contribution payment you make and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension account if you wish.

    If you make your contribution payments with your Shop&Miles card, you earn 1 extra mile for each TL 6.

  • Services

    Overdraft Account

    Overdraft Account is a deposit account with overdraft feature that you can use to pay your bills and withdraw cash advance. The interest of the credit you use over the course of one month is calculated based on the duration it is used and debited from your account the following month. Additionally, when you deposit money into your account, your debt is automatically paid off. Your overdraft account is always available for your payments, even if you don't have money in your deposit account.


    You can take advantage of the POS terminals offered in the Tradesmen Support Package to regularly and easily keep track of your cash flow and to increase your sales.

    If you become a Bonus Merchant Partner with POS, you can make layaway sales to your customers and enable them to earn bonus on their purchases, and increase your sales when they spend their accumulated bonus. You can also take advantage of discounted commission rates offered exclusively with the Tradesmen Support Package.


    You can get a TL or foreign currency checkbook in your or your company's name to use for your standing payments.

    Company Credit Card – Bonus Business

    You can use your credit card for your company expenditures and keep all expenditures that you or your employees will make on behalf of your company under control. If you select Bonus Business as your company card, you can earn bonus on your purchases.

    Garanti SME Insurance

    Garanti SME Insurance is a special insurance package exclusively created for SMEs that includes fire, earthquake, glass breakage, third party financial liability, employer financial liability, theft, cash register etc coverages.

    If you wish, you can make your insurance premium payments in installments.

    Insurance discounts exclusive to the Tradesmen Support Package
    If you take out a loan with the Tradesmen Support Package, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on House Insurance, 20% discount on Unexpected Accident Insurance and a 10%* discount on Business Premises Insurance.

    Other Services

    Standing payments and automatic bill payments.
    Tax, SSK collections and online Bağ-Kur payments.
    Foreign exchange transfers, foreign exchange buy/sell transactions.
    Detailed information and assistance via Internet Banking and 444 KOBİ – 444 5624.

    * Excluding Garanti SME Insurance

  • Rates and Fees

    * Our customers who purchase the casco of the vehicle to be bought from Eureko will qualify for a 0,05% discount on the TL Auto Loan interest rate.
    ** On tractor loans, the interest rate with quarterly or semiannual payments is 2,15 and the interest rate with annual payments is 2,20.
    *** On business premises loans, a commission rate of up to 1% is collected from the customer. 
    **** Available up to 50% of the appraisal value (maximum of USD 250.000).
    ***** Foreign currency indexed business premises loans are only available for loans that are for usage purposes and for properties that are offices and business premises. Foreign currency indexed business premises loans cannot be used by real persons in the purchase of business premises for investment purposes.


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Accounting is fast and easy with GoGaranti.

Accounting is fast and easy with GoGaranti.

Overdraft Account

Your bills will be paid even if you don't have money in your account.

Your bills will be paid even if you don't have money in your account.