Manufacturing Industry Package

The best support for the Manufacturing Industry, in the Manufacturing Industry Package.

Garanti provides full support for manufacturing SMEs who want to grow their businesses and expand abroad. Machinery/equipment loans with a 6-month grace period to allow machines to commence production, overdraft account that doesn't require an order to be placed, cash loans for raw materials in line with your collections, foreign trade consulting, timely provided letters of guarantee for tenders and merchandise at the customs, overseas expo and certificate loans to increase competitiveness.

  • Loans

    Machinery/Equipment Loan

    You can take out a Machinery/Equipment loan with terms up to 60 months and up to 85% of the total proforma invoice amount. You can get letters of credit for your exported machinery and lock in the Machinery/Equipment Loan amount that you will use on the maturity date of the letter of credit to have protection against exchange rate risk. Whether your machinery is exported or domestic, you can take out the Machinery/Equipment Loan in the same currency as your earnings, in TL,USD or Euro. The Machinery/Equipment Loan is offered with a 6-month grace period, in line with the cash flow generated by your machinery, thus provides convenience in your repayments.

    Cash Loans

    Over the course of the production period, you can take advantage of our revolving, spot or installment loan opportunities for your working capital needs. In revolving loans, at the end of the period, you only pay interest for the duration that you have remained indebted. In spot loans, you pay off your debt when you collect your receivables and on a date that you determine. If the exact date of your collection is not certain, you can use a spot loan with early closing option. While you can take out these loans against collateral or lien, you can also convey your receivables, use the checks and bills you were given for your receivables.
    If you engage in exports, you can take out your revolving and spot cash loans in the same currency with your export receivables, and don't get affected by the changes in the exchange rates if your expenses are in TL and your earnings are in USD/Euro.

    Overseas Expo Participation Support Loan

    For the fees of the stands that you will be using at expos approved by the Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade, you can take out an Overseas Expo Participation Support Loan with a 12-month term and 3-month grace period. You can take out a loan between USD 2000-50.000 in TL or foreign currency.

    Certificate Acquisition Loan

    For your company that manufactures in accordance with the EU criteria, participates in public tenders and wants to increase quality standards, you can take out a Certificate Acquisition Loan with terms up to 24 months and a 3-month grace period to finance the ISO Quality and CE Certificate acquisition procedures.

    You can take out a loan between USD 2.000–100.000 in TL or foreign currency.

    Business Premises Loan

    Instead of renting, you can own your production premises by taking out a TL or foreign currency indexed business premises loan with terms up to 96 months.

    SME Support Loans (TL/Foreign Currency)

    You can take advantage of machinery renewal, business premises renovation and technology development loans with terms up to 60 months.

  • Services

    Overdraft Account

    Overdraft Account is a deposit account with overdraft feature that you can use to pay your bills and withdraw cash advance. The interest of the credit you use over the course of one month is calculated based on the duration it is used and debited from your account the following month. Additionally, when you deposit money into your account, your debt is automatically paid off. Your overdraft account is always available for your payments, even if you don't have money in your deposit account. 


    You can take advantage of the POS terminals offered in the Manufacturing Industry Support Package to regularly and easily keep track of your cash flow and to increase your sales. With a POS terminal, you can increase your sales as a Bonus Merchant Partner. With a Virtual POS, you can collect payment of your online sales. Additionally, you can take advantage of commission and blockage rates suitable for your sector, and by putting up your POS receivables as collateral, you can use overdraft or take out a loan at more favorable interest rates. 

    Foreign Trade Services

    You can perform transactions regarding your incoming or outgoing money transfers quickly and securely through Garanti's strong network of branches including the ones at the free-zone and extensive agent connections. You can buy and sell foreign currency through our branches or alternative delivery channels (Garanti Paramatik, Inıternet Banking or Alo Garanti) at Garanti's competitive exchange rates.

    Prepaid, cash against documents, cash on delivery, acceptance credit or letter of credit, no matter what the terms of your import or export are, with you will never fall behind in keeping up-to-date with foreign trade regulations.   

    Letters of Guarantee

    By placing a request through your branch, you can pick up the TL or foreign currency letters of guarantee that your company needs from any Garanti Branch. No matter what the letter is for, purchase of goods, customs transactions, VAT, tender, Eximbank, security deposits, rental deposit, and whether it is temporary or permanent, you can pick up your letters of guarantee from any of our widespread network of branches and avoid any interruptions in your production.  

    Company Credit Card and Bonus Business

    You can keep the purchases that you and your employees will make on behalf of your company with a company credit card that you can assign separate and independent limits for each user. If you select Bonus Business as your company credit card, you can earn bonus on your company expenditures, and if you select Shop&Miles, you can earn miles. 

    SME Pension Plan

    With our exclusive pension plan for SMEs, the SME Pension Plan, you can enroll in the private pension system and secure your and your family's future.

    • If you make your contribution payments with Bonus Card, you can earn 1% bonus and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension account if you wish.
    • If you select the Flexi Pension Package, you can earn 4% bonus on every contribution payment you make and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension account if you wish.
    • If you make your contribution payments with your Shop&Miles card, you earn 1 extra mile for each TL 6. 

    Other Services

    • Factoring-leasing, with the cooperation of Garanti Factoring and Garanti Leasing.
    • Checkbook in TL or foreign currency issued in your or your company' name.
    • Standing payments and automatic bill payments.
    • Check integration and Logo Business, compatible with your accounting system.
    • Tax, SSK collections and online Bağ-Kur payments.
    • Foreign exchange transfers, foreign exchange buy/sell transactions.
    • Collateral support through collaboration with the Credit Guarantee Fund.
    • Detailed information and assistance via Internet Banking and 444 KOBİ – 444 5624.
  • Rates and Fees

    ** On tractor loans, the interest rate with quarterly or semiannual payments is 2,15 and the interest rate with annual payments is 2,20.
    *** On business premises loans, a commission rate of up to 1% is collected from the customer. 
    **** Available up to 50% of the appraisal value (maximum of USD 250.000).
    ***** Foreign currency indexed business premises loans are only available for loans that are for usage purposes and for properties that are offices and business premises. Foreign currency indexed business premises loans cannot be used by real persons in the purchase of business premises for investment purposes.


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