EU SupportPackage

EU Support Package for SMEs who want to take advantage of EU funds


With the EU Package, Garanti provides financial support in administrative and operational issues that you may encounter in the EU membership process while also providing you with consulting support for enabling you to take advantage of the EU and government-based funds. With the loans and services offered in the EU Support Package, you can turn the EU membership process into an advantage for your business.

  • Loans

    Certificate Acquisition Loan

    For your company that manufactures in accordance with the EU criteria, participates in public tenders and wants to increase quality standards, you can take out a Certificate Acquisition Loan with terms up to 24 months and a 3-month grace period to finance the ISO Quality and CE Certificate acquisition procedures.

    The loans are available between USD 2.000–100.000.

    Overseas Expo Participation Support Loan

    For the fees of the stands that you will be using at expos approved by the Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade, you can take out an Overseas Expo Participation Support Loan with a 12-month term and 3-month grace period. The loans are available between USD 2000-50.000.

    SME Project Finance Loans: 7 Years

    SME Project Finance Loan is a type of loan developed jointly by Garanti and Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) and offered on the basis of the investment's return and cash flow generation periods. The loan features a 6-month grace period and can be taken out with terms up to 7 years depending on the return and cash flow generation periods of the investment.

    SMEs who can present suitable feasibility analyses for their investments, have the potential to generate export/foreign currency earnings with no sectoral limitations, and are capable of competing in international markets can take advantage of the SME Project Finance Loans.

    The SME Project Finance Loans are offered in collaboration with the Credit Guarantee Fund, an institution specialized in the assessment of projects. The total guarantee limit offered by the CGF for each SME or the SMEs within a risk group is limited to the 80% of the loan limit assigned by our bank with a maximum of TL 750.000. The maturity of the loan is determined in line with the company's cash flow, and in addition to its income and expenditures, its need for additional working capital is taken into consideration to create a payment plan that suits the company's cash flow.

    Another important feature of the SME Project Finance Loans is fixed interest rate in TL or foreign currency that allows SMEs to make plans knowing the amount of payment they will have to make beforehand.  

  • Services

    EU Funds Project Finance Loans

    Together with the participating institutions, Garanti offers consulting support in exploring the periodic EU-based funds, determining suitable subjects and generating detailed projects.

    Upon applying for the EU Support Package, you can get the SME Guide from which you can benefit in the EU membership process, free of charge.

    Letters of Guarantee

    You can get TL/foreign currency letters of guarantee at suitable commission rates to be used as security deposit in the purchase of goods, addressed to Eximbank, customs or tax offices.

    Letter of Credit (Foreign Currency)

    Through our extensive correspondent network, you can take advantage of suitable terms on your letters of credit and other foreign trade transactions regarding your import and export activities.

    Overdraft Account (TL)

    Overdraft Account is a deposit account with overdraft feature that you can for your payments. The interest of the credit you use over the course of one month is calculated based on the duration it is used and debited from your account the following month. Additionally, when you deposit money into your account, your debt is automatically paid off.

    Other Services

    • Factoring-leasing, with the cooperation of Garanti Factoring and Garanti Leasing.
    • Checkbook in TL or foreign currency issued in your or your company' name.
    • Standing payments and automatic bill payments.
    • Check integration and Logo Business, compatible with your accounting system.
    • Tax, SSK collections and online Bağ-Kur payments.
    • Foreign exchange transfers, foreign exchange buy/sell transactions.
    • Collateral support through collaboration with the Credit Guarantee Fund.
    • Detailed information and assistance via Internet Banking and 444 KOBİ – 444 5624.
  • Rates and Fees

    * Our customers who purchase the casco of the vehicle to be bought from Eureko will qualify for a 0,05% discount on the TL Auto Loan interest rate.
    ** On tractor loans, the interest rate with quarterly or semiannual payments is 2,15 and the interest rate with annual payments is 2,20.
    *** On business premises loans, a commission rate of up to 1% is collected from the customer. 
    **** Available up to 50% of the appraisal value (maximum of USD 250.000).
    ***** Foreign currency indexed business premises loans are only available for loans that are for usage purposes and for properties that are offices and business premises. Foreign currency indexed business premises loans cannot be used by real persons in the purchase of business premises for investment purposes.


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Accounting is fast and easy with GoGaranti.

Accounting is fast and easy with GoGaranti.

Overdraft Account

Your bills will be paid even if you don't have money in your account.

Your bills will be paid even if you don't have money in your account.