Agricultural Sector Support Package

The greatest support for farmers, at Garanti.

Financing of automobiles/tractors/combine harvesters with terms up to 60 months, production financing with single annual payment and terms that suit the harvest period, Ekin Card, TMO Warehouse Receipt Loan, Greenhouse Loan, SME Support Loan for the purchase of plantation and equipment, House Loan, SME Pension Plan and many more, all in the Agricultural Sector Support Package.

  • Loans

    Automobile, Tractor and Combine Harvester Loan

    For all brands of automobiles, tractors and combine harvesters, you can take out an Automobile/Tractor/Combine Harvester Loan with terms up to 60 months, single annual payments that suit the harvest period and suitable interest rates.

    Short-Term Production Financing Loan

    You can take out a Short-Term Production Financing Loan with a grace period up to 11 months in line with your harvest period. Medium and Long-Term Support Loan

    For all needs other than the initial financing of products such as harvest costs, labor costs, equipment purchases and installation of water electrification, you can take out a Medium Term Support Loan. You can use your loan against collateral and lien or by pledging your automobile or tractor.

    You can finance your investment needs such as plantation purchase, drop irrigation, stock breeding and dairy cattle breeding by taking out a Long Term Support Loan with terms up to 60 months.

    TMO Warehouse Receipt Loan

    Against the receipts issued for your goods in the TMO (Turkish Grain Board) warehouse, you can take out a TMO Warehouse Receipt Loan. Additionally, you can also collect your TMO payments through Garanti. To have your payments automatically deposited into your account, just submit your Garanti Bank account number to TMO.

    Greenhouse Loan

    If you are a farmer making investments to build a greenhouse, you can take out a Greenhouse Loan with terms up to 60 months and a 7-month grace period.


    To apply for a loan, all you have to do is to visit the nearest Garanti Branch with the documents below and submit your loan request to a SME Banking Customer Relations Manager.

    • Farming Document/farmer registration system document obtained from the chamber of agriculture (must be an up-to-date document)
    • Proforma Invoice (For the Automobile/Tractor/Combine Harvester Loan)
    • Photocopy of the title deed
    • Photocopy of the identity card
    • Statement of signature
    • Photocopy of the tax identity card
    • Certificate of residency
  • Services

    Ekin Card

    You can get a commercial credit card with a grace period up to a maximum of 6 months, to be used for your agricultural expenditures (diesel fuel, fertilizer, agricultural pesticide etc). You can take advantage of interest-free layaway purchases, installment and discounts.

    SME Pension Plan for Farmers

    With the SME Pension Plan, our exclusive pension plan for SMEs within the Agricultural Support Package, you can enroll in the private pension system. If you make your contribution payments with Bonus Card, you can earn 1% bonus and transfer your accumulated bonus to your pension account if you wish. 

  • Rates and Fees

    * Our customers who purchase the casco of the vehicle to be bought from Eureko will qualify for a 0,05% discount on the TL Auto Loan interest rate.
    ** On tractor loans, the interest rate with quarterly or semiannual payments is 2,15 and the interest rate with annual payments is 2,20.
    *** On business premises loans, a commission rate of up to 1% is collected from the customer. 
    **** Available up to 50% of the appraisal value (maximum of USD 250.000).
    ***** Foreign currency indexed business premises loans are only available for loans that are for usage purposes and for properties that are offices and business premises. Foreign currency indexed business premises loans cannot be used by real persons in the purchase of business premises for investment purposes.


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Call KOBI Support Line for all of your questions.

Call KOBI Support Line for all of your questions.