An exclusive line for all the questions of our SMEs!

By calling the SME Hotline (444-5624), you can take advantage of consulting services in every subject that you need and easily reach all the information that you want without having to go to a branch.

What's more, anyone can take advantage of 444 KOBİ, not just Garanti customers!

What's on 444 KOBİ?

You can find detailed information about the sectoral packages created exclusively for your sector, the chamber of commerce agreements, the SME publication and consulting services and information about all kinds of banking transactions on 444 KOBİ.

Are you a customer of our bank and an Interactive Banking user?

By calling 444 KOBİ Garanti Bank SME Hotline, you can perform your banking transactions 24/7 and gain access to up-to-date market information.

444 KOBİ – 444 5624 Menu

  • Up-to-date Market Information
    • Stocks
    • Foreign Currency
    • Mutual Funds
    • Bonds
  • Information and consulting about SME Banking and products
    • Our Sectoral Packages
    • Our agreements with chambers of commerce
    • Information about consumer loans
    • Information and consulting about SME Banking
  • Banking Transactions

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Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

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