Şifrematik PINCode Reactivation


Enhance your security with the single-use PIN generator Şifrematik!

When you enter your Şifrematik PIN incorrectly 5 times, the device locks itself. In your first incorrect PIN entry, the text FAIL 1 appears on your Şifrematik's screen. In the last attempt, after the text FAIL 5 appears on the screen, if you try to use your Şifrematik, the 7-digit PUK Code along with the texts LOCK and PIN appear on the screen. You can determine your new PIN with your PUK Code.

If you have a valid Bonus Card, Flexi Card, Shop&Miles or Paracard;

  • Enter your card number, PIN and PUK code in the relevant fields of the Şifrematik PIN Code Reactivation form.
  • Your 8-digit Şifrematik Reactivation Code will appear on the screen. Press the arrow button at the bottom right corner of your Şifrematik and enter the Şifrematik Reactivation Code.
  • The text NEW PIN will appear on the screen. Enter your new 4-digit PIN that you want to use on Şifrematik. Your new PIN Code should consist of sequential or repetitive numbers such as 1234 and 1111.
  • When you see the text PIN CONF, enter your 4-digit PIN Code that you have determined in the previous step.
  • When you see the text NEW PIN CONF on the screen, it means that your Şifrematik PIN Code has been changed.

Corporate Internet Banking customers and our customers who don't have a credit card or Paracard must go to the nearest Garanti branch to reactivate their locked Şifrematiks.

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