Security Picture


We have developed the Security Picture for your protection.

Garanti Bank has developed the Security Picture application to prevent phishing attacks that target Internet/Mobile Banking customers.

What is the Security Picture? How does it work?

  • After this system is activated, the first time you use Garanti Internet Banking, the system will show you eight pictures and ask you to choose one of them. The picture you choose will be saved as your “Security Picture”.

Security Picture

  • You will see your Security Picture after the password step every time you log on to Garanti Internet/Mobile Banking.
  • This application has been developed to prevent our customers from carrying out their transactions on fake websites.
  • If you are unable to see your Security Picture or if you see a different picture, do not perform your transaction and immediately call 444 0 333 Alo Garanti to notify the Internet/Mobile Banking Support Line!

For further information about phishing attacks, click here.


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