To Use Your Card Correctly


We strongly recommend you to pay attention to the points stated below while using your credit card

  • You must be careful that the total of your expenditures do not exceed your total income.
  • To avoid the trouble of keeping track of and managing many credit cards, use 2 or 3 cards at most.
  • To pay off your debt in a credit card, we suggest you to use cash advance from another card.
  • When you use cash advance, you should first pay off your debt with the highest interest rate and your cash advance debt that accrues daily interest, or prefer cash advance on installments. To pay off your cash advance debt, you don't have to wait for your statement.
  • When you can't pay off your credit card debt, you can contact your bank right away to make payment arrangements that suit you, and thus solve the problem before it gets unmanageable.
  • You should use the credit facility of your card only when necessary and for your short-term needs.
  • For long-term credit needs intended for the purchase of a high-amounted product or service, we suggest you to prefer using consumer loans.
  • When making layaway purchases, you should consider the amount that will build up on the following periods.
  • Against the risk of receiving your statement late, you can keep track of your debt through methods such as Internet Banking, Paramatiks, Alo Garanti, e-statement and SMS.

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Enjoy your credit card!Enjoy your credit card!