Select Pension Plan

Exclusive plan Select Plan just for  you,  from Garanti


If you want to join happy retirement with the privilege of zero deduction and make right decision for your future, Select plan is entirely for you. Select Plan presents you 2 different exclusive alternatives.  You can start immediately investment by selecting one of them that is appropriate for you

  • Options

    There are two options in Select Plan.

    If you wish, you can invest in TL 1.070 as contribution or invest in TL 21.400/ EUR 25.000/ USD 25.000 as initial contribution and monthly TL 270/ EUR 250/ USD 250 as contribution to be join Select Plan.

    Select Plan included 15 various pension funds for different risk perceptions.  You can form your portfolio with the funds that contain different investment instruments of various risk categories.

    *For payments made with your Bonus credit card, you earn 0.2% bonus, for payments made by selecting the Flexi Pension Package, you earn 1.8% bonus and for payments made with your Shop&Miles credit card you earn 1mile for each TL 6.

    Our customers who have joined the Flexi Pension Package earn 1,8% Bonus over their private pension payments, of which 0,2% is free of any limitations. In the 1,6% reward that comes with the package selection, there is a 20 TL maximum bonus earning limit for pension payments made within a statement period.

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