Prestige Pension Plan

The pension plan that makes you feel very special

For those who don't want to pay an admission fee and want to take advantage of low management fees, the Prestige Pension Plan, at Garanti.

By choosing the strategy that suits you the best from 2 different options offered by the Prestige Pension Plan, you can gain an advantage on your payments. Start creating your pension plan today by considering the alternatives established to offer you the most suitable payment plans.


  • Options
    • You can select Option 1 in which you pay a starting capital of USD 10.000/ Euro 10.000/ TL 10.700 TL at the start and pay a monthly contribution amount of USD 200/ Euro 200/ TL 270 along with a deduction of 1% as the management fee.
    • If you don't want to pay a starting capital, you can select Option 2 in which you pay a minimum monthly contribution amount of USD 500/EUR 500/ TL 535 with a deduction of 1% as management fee.

    For payments made with your Bonus credit card, you earn 0.2% bonus, for payments made by selecting the Flexi Pension Package, you earn 1.8% bonus and for payments made with your Shop&Miles credit card you earn 1mile for each TL 6.

    Our customers who have joined the Flexi Pension Package earn 1,8% Bonus over their private pension payments, of which 0,2% is free of any limitations. In the 1,6% reward that comes with the package selection, there is a 20 TL maximum bonus earning limit for pension payments made within a statement period.

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