Emergency Treatment Plus

We are by your side with Emergency Plus Insurance!

Emergency Treatment Plus provides coverage for emergency situations such as heart attack and critical illnesses such as cancer with the Emergency Service coverage and Illness Support coverage. Also, in times of health, it provides you and the members of your family with additional services such as flu vaccine.

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**Emergency Treatment Plus Insurance is offered by Eureko Insurance


  • Features and Coverages


    • Emergency Service and Assistance Coverage: For 27 medical situations that require emergency treatment, you can benefit from the following coverages.
    • Emergency Surgical Hospitalization
    • The Emergency Service Coverage provides compensation for hospital expenses within the limits and conditions specified in the policy, for incidents when the potentially life-threatening emergency situation requires intervention in the emergency service of a health institution within the first 24 hours.
    • Illness Support Coverage: The Illness Support Coverage, in accordance with the Health Insurance General Terms and Conditions; provides compensation in the case that the insured is diagnosed with the illnesses (cancer, heart attack, paralysis due to illness) specified in the policy or undergoes an operation, specified within the definitions of illnesses, during the insurance period.
    • Emergency Internal Hospitalization
    • Intensive Care
    • Attendant Services


    Health Service Package

    The customers who have Emergency Treatment Plus can also take advantage of the Health Service Package that includes the following services, in addition to the coverages specified above.

    • Flu Vaccine: The flu vaccine, within scope of protective services, is available for the insured or one of the family members, once within the policy period.
    • Pharmacy Savings Package: Provides discounts from 5% to 40% for medicine, cosmetic and optical products through a wide network of pharmacies.
    • Ambulance: 24-hour seamless land ambulance service, available in Turkey only, is provided at the Ambulance and Information line specified on the insurance card. The initial treatment of the insured is provided by a doctor in the sufficiently equipped ambulance. If necessary, the insured is taken to the most suitable hospital. The medicine and supplies used in emergency situations are also provided within this service, free of charge.
    • Medical Consultation via Telephone: 24-hour seamless medical consultation service is provided by the doctors in charge at the Ambulance and Information line specified in the insurance card. Medicine recommendations and prescriptions are not offered with this service. The family members of the insured can also take advantage of this service.

    **Emergency Treatment  Insurance is offered by Eureko Insurance




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