the most fun way to teach your child to save money!

Minimatik, the most fun way to teach your child to save money. With this Paramatik money-box specially designed for children, your child has fun while learning to save up his/her allowances!

Where is my Minimatik?

When you open a Mini Bank account from one of the Garanti branches, you can get a Minimatik for a nominal fee.

  • Features and Benefits
    • Operates through a card and PIN system, just like an actual Paramatik.
    • Used with the Minimatik card that comes with the Minimatik package or the Mini Bank card.
    • Recognizes the money deposited or withdrawn and records it.
    • Records the target amount to be saved up and displays encouraging messages.
    • Displays caution messages about spending.
    • Records the name and the birthday of the user. Displays a greeting message on his/her birthday.
    • Displays Greeting messages on January 1st New Year's and April 23rd Children's Day.
    • Displays a message on the first day of each month.

  • FAQs

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    What is Minimatik, how can we obtain one?

    "Minimatik" is a money-box that looks like a Paramatik, specially designed for children. When you open a MiniBank account or if you already have one, you can purchase a "Minimatik" for 35 TL as a gift to your child.

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