Mini Bank

Fun for me, security for my parents!


You can secure your child's future by making him/her a member of Garanti Mini Bank. While you are investing for his/her future, he/she can enjoy the colorful world of Mini Bank. What's more, with Mini Bank's gifts, newspaper and many other products, he/she wouldn't have to to get bored.

You can select one of the four different account options of Garanti Mini Bank to support your child in his/her first steps towards his/her future. 

Garanti Fund Account

With the Garanti Fund Account, You can regularly buy Type B Money Market Fund, Type Gold Fund or Type B Flexi Income Balanced Fund every month. For further information, click here.

Garanti Future Account

With the Garanti Future Account which is an accumulating deposit account, you can invest in Euro or USD and build up your savings by earning interest. For further information, click here.

Garanti Gold Account

With Garanti Gold Account, you can regularly make investments in gold every month, specifying the amount in grams of gold or TL, and keep your savings safe. For further information, click here.

Garanti Time Deposit Account

You can open a Garanti Time Deposit Account with what you have saved up for your child and take advantage of attractive interest rates. For further information, click here.

  • Features and Benefits

    The new Mini Bank gift set

    • With the new Mini Bank gift set, your child can have one of the backpacks with pictures of the best-loved cartoon heroes on them, assorted according to your child's gender and age.   

    Mini Newspaper  

    • With the Mini Newspaper, created in collaboration with National Geographic Kids, your child has fun while learning. You can find detailed information regarding the Mini Newpaper on the pages of Mini Bank Kids' Club.   

    Flexi Mini Bank Package

    • With the exclusive Flexi Mini Bank Package, you can have 3 extra installments on all child clothing, restaurant and toy expenditures.
    • You earn bonus on your regular monthly payments and purchases made from Bonus merchant partners.
    • You have the opportunity to design a card visual using any image you want, even a photograph of your child.
    • You can apply for the Flexi Mini Bank package through 444 0 333 Alo Garanti and Garanti branches, or by typing “Mini Bank” and sending it to 3340 via SMS.


    • Minimatik, the most fun way to teach your child to save money. To get more information about this Paramatik money-box specially designed for children, click here.
    • Extra bonus with the Mini Bank card Now you benefit from going to shopping with your children, because you earn extra bonus with your Mini Bank card on purchases you make from participating member merchants.
    • Member merchants that offer extra bonus:
      Acıbadem Health Group
      Burger King
      Joker & Maxitoys
      LC Waikiki


  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    Can I open and close accounts via Internet Banking? Can I open an ELMA account? Can I make account definitions or account changes for my Paracard?

    You can open time deposit accounts, linked to your branch or branches, via Internet Banking in TL and foreign currency types for which you have a current account.

    Find out more

    What is Minibank? What are the features and advantages of Minibank account?

    Garanti Mini Bank is a special package comprised of products that makes it possible for you to invest in your child's future today.

    Find out more

    How can I view my accounts or credit cards on Internet Banking? What is the time period for which I can view my account activities online? How can I find out the result of my overdraft account application?

    To open your current or time deposit accounts and your credit cards for use in Internet Banking, you need contact the nearest Garanti Bank branch.

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