Paramatik Transactions


With or without a card, all transactions at Paramatiks are problem-free.

You can perform over 50 banking transactions through over 3,500 Garanti Paramatiks spread throughout Turkey. What's more, you don't even have to be a Garanti Customer!

No need to worry if you have left your card at home. You can perform many transactions on Paramatiks by only pressing the “GİRİŞ” button, without using a card. Perform cardless transactions from money transfers to debt payments, bill transactions and mobile top-ups through Paramatiks.


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Much more than money withdrawalMuch more than money withdrawal

Much more than money withdrawal

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • How Can I Define Garanti Internet Banking?

    If you have a valid Garanti Bank Credit Card or Paracard, it can be defined through, 444 0 333 Alo Garanti or Garanti ATM. If you do not have valid mentioned products, it can also be defined via our branches. Find out more

  • How Can I Log in to Garanti Internet Banking?

    In order to log in to internet banking safely, your Customer Number or National ID number of TC must be entered prior to *password. You can complete your login via *pin which is a disposable number to use while logging in to internet banking after you enter your password and it is sent to your mobile phone by SMS. Find out more