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With Garanti CepBank, sending money anytime from anywhere in Turkey* is easy. With this application, by sending an SMS from your mobile phone, you can safely send money to the mobile phone, Paracard or Paracard Trink of the person you want. What's more, the person to whom you are sending money doesn't even have to have a Garanti account or credit card. By using CepBank, you can perform many payment transactions such as credit card debt payments, OGS payments.

You can immediately define your CepBank through Internet Banking and Paramatiks.

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*CepBank money transfer and money withdrawal transactions cannot be performed via Paramatiks in K.K.T.C.





  • Features and Benefits
    • With Garanti CepBank, you won't have to go to a branch, connect to internet or even use a Paramatik to perform your banking transactions.
    • You can perform your banking transactions with just a single SMS from your mobile phone.
    • The person to whom you send money easily withdraws it by just clicking the “GİRİŞ” button on any Paramatik, without having to wait in line.
    • You can find out the balance of your account that is defined for CepBank anytime by typing BAKIYE and sending it to 3333 via SMS from your mobile phone. 

    Services offered by CepBank:

    • Quick Money Transfer/EFT
    • Sending Money to Mobile Phone and Credit Card
    • GSM TL Top-Up (Turkcell Prepaid, Vodafone, Avea)
    • GSM TL Top-Up with credit card (Turkcell Prepaid, Avea)
    • Bilyoner.com Payments
    • Nesine.com Payments
    • Credit Card Debt Payments
    • OGS Payments
  • Fees
    Transactions Fees
    Kayıtlı EFT6,00 TL
    Kayıtlı Havale1,20 TL
    Para Gönderme6,50 TL
    Counter top-up0,50 TL
    OGS payment1,00 TL

    Last Update : 12/12/2018 20:08

  • FAQs

    We found the following questions in our Help & Advice which might be useful for you...

    Can I change my Cep Bank PIN? What happens if I enter it incorrectly or I forget it?

    You can change your Cep Bank PIN through the Cep Bank menu in Internet Banking.

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    How and from which Garanti Paramatik ATMs can I withdraw the money sent via Cep Bank? Can I withdraw the money from the branches or Golden Point ATMs? Can I transfer it to another account?

    The money sent via Cep Bank can be drawn from any Garanti Paramatik without using a card.

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    Is there a fee for Cep Bank? Will I be charged for the Cep Bank SMSs?

    The transaction fee for sending money via Cep Bank is TL 1.

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