EFT/Money Transfer


Your EFT transactions are fast and secure with Garanti

By using CepBank, you can send money to accounts that you have defined as a quick Money Transfer/EFT account with just a single SMS. You can easily perform your transaction through CepBank after defining “Quick Money Transfer/EFT” for the accounts that you want through the Money Transfers menu, Money Transfer and EFT step on Internet Banking.

To send money to the Quick Money Transfer/EFT defined accounts:

  • Depending on your transaction, type HAVALE or EFT and leave a space,
  • Type the “entry name” of the relevant account that you have defined through Internet Banking, leave a space, enter the amount in TL and leave another space,
  • Enter your CepBank PIN and send it to 3333 via SMS from your mobile phone.

Sample SMS for Money Transfer: Havale kira 700 1234

Sample SMS for EFT: EFT Aidat 300 1234

If you wish, you can also access the details of your previously defined Quick Money Transfer/EFT entries:

  • Type SORGULA and leave a space,
  • Type the “entry name” of the relevant account that you have defined through Internet Banking and leave another space, send it to 3333 via SMS.**

Sample SMS: SORGULA Aidat

* You cannot send money to the Quick Money Transfer-EFT accounts that are saved under the same name. To perform this transaction, please change the entry names of the relevant accounts  through Internet Banking.

** The SMS charge, payable by the sender, is 1 SMS for invoiced and prepaid lines.

*** The SMS that you will receive will contain the recipient's name, account number and explanation.



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Perform your banking transactions via SMS.Perform your banking transactions via SMS.

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • Can I change my Cep Bank PIN? What happens if I enter it incorrectly or I forget it?

    You can change your Cep Bank PIN through the Cep Bank menu in Internet Banking. Find out more

  • How and from which Garanti Paramatik ATMs can I withdraw the money sent via Cep Bank?

    The money sent via Cep Bank can be drawn from any Garanti Paramatik without using a card. Find out more

  • Is there a fee for Cep Bank? Will I be charged for the Cep Bank SMSs?

    The transaction fee for sending money via Cep Bank is TL 1. Find out more

  • Can I pay credit card debt via Cep Bank?

    You can make payments towards your or someone else's credit card debt via a single SMS. Find out more