Sending Money


Easily and quickly send money with just a single SMS!

Now, with CepBank, sending money is very easy! With an SMS from your mobile phone, you can send money to anyone you want, whether a Garanti customer or not. The person to whom you send money, easily withdraws it from Garanti Paramatiks, without having to wait in line at the branch.

If you wish, you can also perform Money Transfer and EFT transactions, or send money to a card. What's more, by defining quick money transfers on Internet Banking, you can perform your transactions even faster.



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    With CepBank, you can easily top-up TL for all GSM operators.

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Perform your banking transactions via SMS.Perform your banking transactions via SMS.

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • Can I change my Cep Bank PIN? What happens if I enter it incorrectly or I forget it?

    You can change your Cep Bank PIN through the Cep Bank menu in Internet Banking. Find out more

  • How and from which Garanti Paramatik ATMs can I withdraw the money sent via Cep Bank?

    The money sent via Cep Bank can be drawn from any Garanti Paramatik without using a card. Find out more

  • Is there a fee for Cep Bank? Will I be charged for the Cep Bank SMSs?

    The transaction fee for sending money via Cep Bank is TL 1. Find out more

  • Can I pay credit card debt via Cep Bank?

    You can make payments towards your or someone else's credit card debt via a single SMS. Find out more