Send/Receive Money with Western Union


Western Union, the fastest way for international money transfers.

The world's number one money transfer system is at Garanti. You can send money from your account to over 486.000 Western Union agents abroad. The money you sent is paid to the recipient in just minutes.* The money transfers you receive via Western Union are also directly transferred to your account with Garanti Internet Banking.

Sending Money

You can easily send money through the Internet Banking Money Transfers menu, Western Union step. When you enter the name, surname and the country of the recipient, the amount to be sent; followed by your name, surname and your contact information, the amount you want to send is transferred.
If you wish, you can also send money to companies by using the “Quick Pay” feature.

With “Registered Transfer” you can access the details of your previous transfers and perform your money transfers more quickly.

Receive Money

You can easily receive money through the Internet Banking Money Transfers menu, Western Union step.
Upon entering the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), the name and surname of the sender, the country and the amount, the transaction is verified, and after selecting the recipient account, the amount sent is transferred to your account.

Quick Pay

Quick Pay is a service that enables you to make payments to institutions in the relevant country which have a “Quick Pay” agreement with Western Union. You can perform Quick Pay money Transfer transactions through the Internet Banking Money Transfers menu Western Union step.

Western Union Money Transfer Comission

Amount IntervalComission (USD)Amount IntervalComission (EUR)


15,00 0-105 15,00


22,00 105-180 20,00


29,00 180-285 28,00


34,00 285-360 30,50


42,00 360-465 38,00


47,00 465-770 46,00


52,00 770-925 48,50


78,00 925-1.385 71,50


83,00 1.385-1.615 76,50


93,00 1.615-1.845 86,50


113,00 1.845-2.305 104,50


123,00 2.305-2.185 112,00


143,00 2.185-3.325 132,00



Western Union Quick Pay Comission

Amount IntervalComission (USD)Amount IntervalComission (EUR)
0-3.000 15,00 0-3.300 16,50

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