Trabzonspor Bonus

 The features of Bonus and Trabzonspor Bonus are combined together in Trabzonspor Bonus!

With Trabzonspor Bonus, while taking advantage of all the Bonus Card opportunities, you will take pride in being a Trabzonspor supporter with the privileges offered by Trabzonspor. What's more, you can enjoy free shopping with your accumulated bonus.

You can instantly apply for Trabzonspor Bonus by clicking on the “Apply” button.

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  • Features and Benefits
    • With the Trink feature of Trabzonspor Bonus, you can easily and quickly pay for your expenditures of up to TL 35 at locations that have the Mastercard PayPass reader, without having to use your PIN or signature.
    • You earn bonus on all your expenditures anywhere in the world.
    • You earn extra bonus on your expenditures at over 250.000 Bonus program partners.
    • You can use your accumulated bonus for free shopping at Bonus program partners.
    • You can combine the joy of bonus with the convenience of installment shopping.
    • With Trabzonspor Bonus, you can access your current accounts from all Paramatiks and conveniently perform the transactions that you perform with your Paracard such as money withdrawals and deposits.
    • When you place a standing payment order to be performed through your Trabzonspor Bonus, you earn bonus for your payments such as rent, school fees and installments for white appliances.
    • When you need cash, you can withdraw cash advance with fixed installments and suitable interest rates.
    • You can find out the amount of your accumulated bonus from Bonus program partners, Garanti Internet Banking, 444 0 333 Alo Garanti, or your account statement.
    • You can easily and quickly make your payments through Internet Banking or 444 0 333 Alo Garanti.


    The privileges of having a Trabzonspor Bonus card:

    *The features of Trabzonspor Bonus may vary according to the card types and campaign periods. You can find detailed and the most up-to-date information at


    • Since a certain portion of all your expenditures which you have paid with your Trabzonspor Bonus will be transferred to Trabzonspor Club as contribution payment, you will make a contribution to your team without making any additional payments.
    • Exclusively offered for Trabzonspor Bonus holders, you will have priority right in purchasing tickets for Super League and Turkish Cup home games 1 day before the tickets are publicly offered for sale.
    • With an exclusive Trabzonspor supporter number that starts with 1967, you can embrace the Trabzonspor supporter identity and get the key that opens the door to the privileged world of Trabzonspor
    • You can take advantage of exclusive campaigns at TS Club stores.
    • Through sweepstakes, you can attend events that Trabzonspor Professional Football Team players will be present.
    • You can have the opportunity to travel together with the team to official away games of Trabzonspor Professional Football team.
  • Rates and Fees

    KKDF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) and BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax), collected in accordance with the law, are 15% and 5% respectively.

    * The annual card fee for Bonus Card, Bonus Platinum, Reflected Bonus, Environmentally Friendly Bonus, Transparent Bonus, Extragenç, Fenerbahçe Bonus, Retiree Bonus, Bonus Trink and the related supplementary cards is 5,70. TL for the first year. The card fee for Gold Bonus, GS Bonus, BJK Bonus, Trabzonspor  Bonus and Flexi Card is reflected on the first statement as debt.
    ** The shopping interest is the interest rate that will be applied to your remaining period balance. The overdue interest is the maximum net monthly interest rate determined by TCMB that will be applied only to the unpaid portion of your minimum payment amount if you pay less than the minimum payment amount of your period balance.
    *** For one time only, you can replace your existing card with a Transparent or Reflected Bonus by paying 15 TL.


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