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    Human Resources

    Continously increase the value that adds to society and environmentContinously increase the value that adds to society and environment

    Garanti Bank’s most valuable asset is its human resources. Continually investing in people, the Bank views its human resources as the guarantee of its sustainability and efficient growth.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Measurement and systematic follow-up of employee satisfaction levels are important in terms of the success and sustainability of Garanti Bank’s HR strategy, policies and practices. Through surveys held every year, the Bank listens to its employees’ opinions and gathers information concerning their requests and expectations. Annually held surveys at Garanti Bank are explained below.

    The Employee Engagement Survey is carried out to gather employees’ opinions concerning the working environment at Garanti Bank so as to create a better and more efficient working environment, taking into account feedback from its employees. The scope of the survey includes basic employee-related subjects, such as the performance system, salaries, work/ private life balance, job satisfaction, the working environment, development facilities and managers.

    The Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey allows Garanti Bank employees to evaluate the service they have received and to offer their suggestions. The survey includes questions on such criteria as accessibility, teamwork, customer approach, communication, service quality and openness to criticism.

    The 360 Degree Feedback Survey aims to contribute to managers’ development by determining their competencies, as well as their strengths and areas open to development. The findings gathered from the surveys are shared with senior management and managers and used in the proper design of development plans in accordance with employees’ needs.

    Good Work Life Relationship (IYI) Program

    In addition to special trainings and measures to foster employees' health and well-being, Garanti Bank has launched the Good Work Life Relationship ("IYI") program. IYI was set up in 2012 as a result of an intensive Employer Value Proposition program to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure a richer working experience by being able to share opinions and suggestions on a wide variety of subjects such as the strengthening of women’s social and work lives.

    Equality of Opportunity and Diversity

    Garanti views equality of opportunity and diversity as a fundamental value and a driving force of its corporate culture. In line with this purpose, Garanti encourages its employees to think differently and improve their personal and professional competencies while supporting diversity in the workplace.

    One of the clearest indicators of successful diversity at Garanti is the comparatively higher number of female employees (57% overall at 31.12.2014 and 40% in senior/ middle level management). As a result of the importance it gives to social gender equality and the strengthening of women.

    Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System

    Garanti Bank formed OHS units at locations with more than 50 employees. At present, 17 locations are subject to these units, including the Zincirlikuyu Head Office, Güneşli Operation Center, Learning&Developmet Center and some of the regional offices.

    A specialized OHS software is adapted to Garanti Bank operations. Training modules on OHS issues are prepared and organized by the cooperation of the Learning and Development and OHS service. For example, “Occupational Safety and Health Training” is a training module delivered to all new starters and all employees once every three years.

    Other OHS-related training delivered to employees include modules on office ergonomics, emergency management, detox, stress management, breathing techniques and meditation.

    Raising Awareness on Sustainability

    Garanti Bank is aware that the effectiveness of its environmental management system (EMS) cannot be taken for granted without the support of its employees. The Bank is also aware of the importance of embedding sustainability into its culture and organizes numerous training programs on sustainability to ensure this. The Sustainability E-Learning program was designed for all bank personnel as a result of the Bank’s commitment to raising the awareness of its employees, who form its most precious stakeholder mass. The Bank also added its view of the concept of sustainability to its orientation training, spelling out its expectations of employees on this issue.

    In 2013, Garanti has created an internal communications strategy and training program for sustainability, including the environmental initiatives, with the aim of increasing the awareness among our employees regarding the environmental issues and build their capacity on specific topics such as climate change, carbon trading and environmental and social risk management.

    The awareness raising program included informative e-mails, videos, exhibitions (e.g. artwork from electronic waste of the Bank) and an online sustainability platform on the intranet.

    Additionally, Garanti has identified and selected sustainability representatives from all bank departments and all of the regional directorates and branches to support all sustainability efforts as needed. Those representatives receive Environmental Management trainings and became auditors after their election. They play a key role in disseminating their knowledge to their colleagues in their responsibility areas.

    Internal Meetings

    Gelecek (Future) Meetings
    Garanti Bank holds Gelecek (Future) Meetings that allow strategies for the new period to be discussed with a joint approach after the Bank’s senior management undertakes an evaluation of the previous year’s results with employees. These meetings reflect a corporate culture based on teamwork, joint thinking, sustainability and social benefit in which employees are able to comfortably express their thoughts and suggestions on different platforms. Since 2012, meetings have been held in a “carbon neutral” setting; measures were taken to minimize carbon emissions from meetings and the remaining carbon emissions were offset by either supporting sustainable energy projects or planting trees.

    4 Season Meetings
    Garanti Bank has been organizing regional 4 Season Meetings since 2009 with the aim of increasing employees’ motivation, improving employee relations, and achieving communication more effectively within the Bank. 4 Season Meetings create an opportunity for branch employees in a certain region to get together and socialize in an informal environment.

    Garanti Managers Summit
    Held annually, the Garanti Managers Summit brings together managers of Garanti Bank and its subsidiaries and is a special sharing and a common learning platform. The theme of the summit is determined particularly in accordance with the priorities of the Bank and the latest global developments and trends, financial projections, cultural changes and consumer behaviour.

    Child Care

    Employees who are nursing are granted flexible time for nursing until the infant is 1 year old and can take 2 hours off every day in this first year. Alternatively, they can elect to use this leave each day (or combine the hours into one additional day of leave each week, or aggregate all days and extend their maternity leave by approximately one month).

    In order to support employees giving birth, Garanti offers additional insurance guarantees for childbirth expenses. Our employees who become parents are supported in child development and can attend courses at the Mother-Father-Child Academy.

    A new orientation program is planned in 2015 for women employees who are returning from maternal leave to ease their adaptation to work life and duties.

    Learning and Developlment

    In a bid to create the best human resource in the financial services sector and to ensure continuous development, Garanti provides regular training programs on an ongoing basis so as to fortify the expertise of its people.

    Employee expertise is backed with five main faculties: “Loans”, “Leadership”, “General Banking”, “Investment” and “Sales”. While this structure helps them build on their existing competencies, additional support is also offered for their development in various interest areas.

    Need analysis are performed with one-to-one interviews, workshops or inventories for all units. Units are expected to gain internationally recognized expertise and to become global leaders of the sector. Along these lines, there are training options diversified according to each job family. In addition to those, employees also participate in programs related with Garanti’s service culture and leadership concept for their development. Garanti Leadership Academy, in particular, offers long-lived and varied opportunities for getting equipped for the future. Furthermore, coaching, best practice sharing, project work and experiential learning have long been in use.

    The training programs are designed with world-class standards and innovative methods. Speed and accessibility are provided by various platforms including live broadcasts, simulations, videos, e-library and mobile learning under the heading “Garanti Learning Technologies” and they are accessible anywhere, any time through mobile devices.

    Determination of business partners is a key performance indicator in all these activities. Distinctive and current information is captured and disseminated to employees via business partners such as the designers in each faculty, fulltime internal trainers, ICF-certified professional/full-time coach, reputable training companies, universities, and business schools abroad. Moreover, cooperation is established with the academic world so as to familiarize the universities with the business world.

    Employee Contribution

    Garanti Bank attaches considerable importance to its employees’ contributions to innovation processes. For this purpose, Garanti Bank uses the ‘Önersen’ and ‘Atölye’ idea platforms in order to collect the employees’ various suggestions regarding the improvement of the products, services or processes.

    Önersen is an idea gathering platform which encourages all employees to submit their ideas or recommendations about the Bank’s products, processes or operations.
    There is also a category dedicated to environmental performance under Önersen. With this category for environment, all employees can submit their suggestions related to environmental performance directly to the Sustainability team. The Sustainability team consolidates the suggestions, determines the ones that are feasible and presents them to the Sustainability Committee. Once the Committee’s approval is taken, the Sustainability team starts to work with relevant departments to implement the suggestions.

    “Atölye” is a project-based idea platform, active since 2010, which collects innovative ideas from employees during the projects. By the end of 2014, 7 projects had been completed.

    Volunteer Clovers
    Having carried out many valuable projects since its establishment, Volunteer Clovers (Gönüllü Yoncalar) Corporate Social Responsibility Club has defined its mission as to continuously and significantly increase the value that it produces for the community and the environment through its effectiveness, sensitivity and harmony.

    The employees design and execute numerous projects under the roof of  Volunteer Clovers Club, and ensure voluntary participation of all managers in these projects by organizing activities during the Future Meetings. In November 2014, two schools in Beldibi, Antalya were repaired and given a makeover with the voluntary participation of employees in an effort to contribute to the education and social development of the children. In addition, Volunteer Clovers gave support to the distribution of food and clothing items given away in Soma in cooperation with the Food Banking and Basic Needs Association (Gıda Bankacılığı ve Temel İhtiyaç Derneği - GBtider). Under the ongoing Our Book Box project, Volunteer Clovers donated books to more than 18 schools in different cities across Turkey.

    2,400 wishes were granted in 2015 as part of the Wish Tree project, which was initiated in 2014 with the collaboration of Human Resources and Volunteer Clovers for granting the wishes of children in Anatolia.