Corporate Sustainability Governance

Continously increase the value that adds to society and environmentContinously increase the value that adds to society and environment

With its robust corporate structure, Garanti Bank aims to maintain long-term sustainable growth by continuously creating value.

With an aim of continuously and noticeably increasing the value it creates for its customers, shareholders, employees, the society and the environment, Garanti Bank established the Sustainability Committee in 2010 with the aim of coordinating the work undertaken in the area of sustainability. Operating under the Board of Directors, the Sustainability Committee is chaired by one of the Board members.

The Sustainability Committee meets regularly in order to monitor the progress on and to provide input to all sustainability efforts. The Committee is deliberately structured to integrate sustainability concerns and opportunities into all operations, products and services. In addition, this structure ensures that all efforts are consistent with internal policies and related regulations. The Sustainability Committee’s role is to agree on sustainability related strategic direction and action plans for the Bank.

Sustainability Committee MemberTitle
Dr M. Cüneyt Sezgin (Committee Chair) Independent Board Member
Ali Fuat Erbil (Permanent Member) CEO and Board Member
Ali Temel (Permanent Member) Chief Credit Risk Officer
Aydın Güler (Permanent Member) EVP, Finance and General Accounting
Ebru Dildar Edin (Permanent Member and Committee Secretary General) EVP, Project and Acquisition Finance and Sustainability
Nafiz Karadere (Permanent Member) EVP, SME Banking
Osman Tüzün (Permanent Member) EVP, Human Resources and Support Services

In addition to its Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Team, based upon its Sustainability Policy Garanti Bank has formed 7 working groups (WG)

  • Sustainability Finance (Retail and SME)
  • Sustainability Finance (Commercial and Corporate)
  • Environmental Impact of our Operations
  • Community
  • Stakeholders
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Sustainability Governance

Committees and Discipline Board

Garanti Bank has 19 committees and a Discipline Board Presidency, which are the basic elements of the Bank’s corporate management structure.
Joint targets of the Bank’s committees include:

  • Ensuring efficiency and productivity within the framework of acceptable risk parameters,
  • Implementing the Bank’s corporate strategy by aiming to comply fully with all legal requirements,
  • Observing full compliance with ethical and corporate values,
  • Maintaining a balanced and integrated performance economically, socially and environmentally.

Policies and Principles

Garanti Bank has established strong systems and processes in light of legal requirements, which serve to guarantee the Bank’s long-term sustainability and strength when it comes to generating added value. Garanti Bank has set out a number of policies and principles on issues from customer satisfaction to legal compliance that include:

  • Risk Management Policies
  • Garanti Code of Conduct
  • Declaration of Human Rights
  • Disclosure Policy
  • Dividend Distribution Policy
  • Human Resources Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • Donation and Contribution Policy
  • Compensation Policy
  • Employee Compensation Policy
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental and Social Loan Policies
  • Climate Change Position Statement & Action Plan

Some of the above-mentioned policies are available on Garanti Bank’s website in Turkish and in English. All policies listed above are accessible in Turkish by employees through the Bank’s intranet.

Code of Conduct

Commitment to its irreplaceable values of the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency is Garanti’s main responsibility towards its customers, employees and all its stakeholders; and serves as the guarantee of the Bank’s strong reputation.

Handbook of ‘Garanti’s Code of Conduct’ has been published with the purpose of regulating employee behavior and the professional relations of employees in parallel to the Bank's commitment to corporate governance principles and ethical values concerning.
You may find Code of Conduct by following the link.

This document serves as a guide and the principles inside are reflections of Garanti’s vision, mission and values on the behaviors and the ways of doing business. Any behavior which departs from ‘Garanti’s Code of Conduct’ or any type of behavior in performing professional duties which might damage the reputation or brand of Garanti, is not tolerated.

Garanti’s Code of Conduct is assigned to all Garanti employees as a mandatory training. To date a total of 20,597 hours of trainings were provided.

According to the Corporate Governance Communique no. II-17.1 of the Capital Markets Board, if stakeholders encounter or suspect a behavior or action that is contrary to the ‘Garanti’s Code of Conduct’, e-mail address has been established for reporting purposes on such issues. Notifications via such e-mail address have to include stakeholders’ name, last name and contact information to enable access for communication  if necessary. The notifications are evaluated by Garanti Bank’s Compliance Department.
No-one who reports any facts or activities through this channel in good faith will be a target of reprisals nor will they suffer any other adverse consequence as a result. Such notifications are resolved with due importance.

‘Garanti’s Code of Conduct’ and other relevant documents are reviewed and updated based on the requirements of the changing business environment.