Continously increase the value that adds to society and environmentContinously increase the value that adds to society and environment


Sustainability Report 2016Sustainability Report 2016Download(Bytes)
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Sustainability Report 2014Sustainability Report 2014Download(Bytes)
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CDP Climate Change 2016CDP Climate Change 2016Download(Bytes)
CDP Climate Change 2016CDP Climate Change 2016Download(Bytes)
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CDP Climate Change 2014CDP Climate Change 2014Download(Bytes)
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CDP Water 2016CDP Water 2016Download(Bytes)
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IR Calendar

  • 03 February 15Garanti Bank 2014 Financial Results
  • 19-22 January 15Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s 14th Annual Turkish Equity 1-1 Conference – London & New York
  • 27 October 14Garanti Bank 9M14 Financial Results

Help and AdviceHelp and Advice

  • Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

    The members of the Garanti Bank Board of Directors are Ferit F. Şahenk, Süleyman Sözen, Ergun Özen, M. Cüneyt Sezgin Ph.D., Sema Yurdum, Jaime Saenz De Tejada Pulido, Javier Bernal Dionis, Maria Isabel Goiri Lartitegui, Ali Fuat Erbil, Jorge Sáenz-Azcúnaga Carranza, Iñigo Echebarria Garate Find out more

  • What is the ownership structure of Garanti Bank? Find out more

  • Exchanges that Garanti Bank’s shares traded and the percentage of publicly traded shares.

    Garanti's shares are traded on the İstanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) under the ticker symbol "GARAN". The shares are also quoted on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. Find out more

  • What are the main subsidiaries of the Bank?

    Garantibank International N.V, Garanti Bank S.A., Garantibank Moscow, Garanti Securities, Garanti Asset Management, Garanti Leasing, Garanti Factoring, Garanti Pension and Life, Garantİ Payment Systems, Garanti Mortgage, Garanti Technology Find out more