Corporate Social Responsibility

Continously increase the value that adds to society and environmentContinously increase the value that adds to society and environment

Garanti considers its systematic and long-term efforts within the scope of corporate social responsibility as the basic component of its sustainability approach.

Creating a considerable part of the value that it adds to the society and its social stakeholders, Garanti’s programs and initiatives are implemented in various areas, ranging from education to culture and cultural heritage, from disabled-friendly banking to women entrepreneurship.

Emphasizing the value added to the country,  society and to individuals, Garanti regularly keeps track of the needs of the country and the society, and develops its corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives in this direction.

With its society-oriented programs and initiatives conducted with a corporate social responsibility awareness, Garanti aims at being a corporation which all of its  stakeholders including its employees are proud of. Adopting the principles of responsible banking, it continues its efforts in strategic accordance with the main business areas of the bank.

It focuses on sustainable economic growth and development, and intends to measure the results and effects of its efforts, and to increase and optimize its effect.