Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.

Garanti Masters receives the "Best Private Bank" award from The Banker and PWM

The Financial Times group's  The Banker and PWM (Professional Wealth Management) magazines deemed Garanti Masters Private Banking worthy of the "Best Private Bank in Turkey" award as part of the 2010 Global Private Banking Awards. The award is given to those corporations that achieve standards of excellence in the field of private banking asset management, and it's the first time a Turkish bank has won the award. Garanti Masters received the award at a special ceremony on October 28 in Geneva.

Held for the first time last year, and organized by The Banker and PWM, the awards are given based on sustainability, long-term profitability, and reliable consulting given to asset holders. Companies are also evaluated on their business models and their ability to adapt to the post-financial crisis environment. Also taken into consideration are innovations in customer service, customer relations, and overall comprehensiveness of service.

Garanti Bank General Manager Ergun Özen said “While falling interest rates have increased investors' interest in alternative investment products, it's also led to increased interest in personalized financial consulting services from experienced corporate bodies. With its expertise and innovation, Garanti Masters Private Banking brings whole new dimension to the private banking sector in Turkey. Our success, as always, lies in our focus on the customer, innovativeness and quality, and also on our strong human resources. As Garanti Masters Private Banking, we manage $4.7 billion worth of assets. The fact that we're the first Turkish bank to have been considered worthy of this excellence award in asset management from The Banker and PWM is something we're very proud of. Garanti Masters' strong brand name in the international arena has once again been demonstrated."