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We present new offerings that make your life easier. We present new offerings that make your life easier.

Trade faster and earn more with Garanti e-Trader.

Garanti e-Trader is an application that you can use to keep track of equity and derivatives markets and to trade in both stocks and derivative contracts.

Garanti e-Trader’s data tracking screen works on any computer that is Java-compliant. The trading application is currently available only for computers running the Windows operating system.

When you trade with Garanti e-Trader, you are charged the same trading fees and commissions as you would be when trading through the Garanti Online Branch. In order to trade using Garanti e-Trader, you must first enter into a share and/or derivative trading agreement with GarantiBank.

With Garanti e-Trader you can keep track of shallow trading data, perform technical analyses based on the past performances of a selected stock, and have real-time access to international indexes, exchange rates, and market news–all without having to pay anything extra.

With the ISE Market Depth service, you can also access market depth and brokerage information about shares. With our TurkDEX Shallow service, you can keep track of contract prices in real time while the TurkDEX Comprehensive service gives you access to depth-trading information about such contracts.

Garanti e-Trader features:

  • Trading: With Garanti e-Trader you can place orders, link, split, change, improve, and cancel equity trading orders. The application also allows you to place, improve, and cancel TurkDEX contract-related orders.
  • Monitor data: With Garanti e-Trader you can keep track of trading results, exchange rates, markets, news, and analyses all in real time and from a single screen.
  • Standalone operation: With Garanti e-Trader you can monitor data and trade even when the online branch is closed. Garanti e-Trader will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity whose length you can specify yourself from the online branch by going to the “Adjust timeout” option on the “e-Trader” menu.
  • Make it personal: With Garanti e-Trader you can have whatever information you want displayed in the Data Monitoring screen. You can even design and save different page layouts for different users.
  • Convenient access: With Garanti e-Trader you can carry out trading from the data monitoring screen or while viewing portfolio price information.
  • Instant trades: With Garanti e-Trader you can complete a trade as soon as you see a price just by entering the number of units for a selected symbol.
  • Alarms: With Garanti e-Trader you can set alarms that will go off as soon as a specified value has been reached for a particular symbol.
  • Market depth and brokerage information: Depending on your needs and the package you decide to buy, with Garanti e-Trader you can have access to depth and brokerage information for equities and derivative contracts.
  • Monitor TurkDEX contract prices: By purchasing any TurkDEX service package Garanti e-Trader gives you access to derivative contract prices in real time.
  • View portfolios: With Garanti e-Trader you can access current and past price and unit information about the equities you own at any time and display past order details all while trading from the same screen.
  • Perform technical analyses: With Garanti e-Trader you can display the past prices of any share or derivative contract you select. Selecting one symbol displays its technical analysis; by selecting two different symbols, you can make comparisons between them.