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We present new offerings that make your life easier. We present new offerings that make your life easier.

Garanti e-Trader, now on iPhone.

The Garanti e-Trader iPhone application is an application that you can use on iPhone to follow various markets including the stock market and the TurkDex, and buy and sell stocks and TurkDex contracts. In addition to investments, the application also provides access to Garanti services that make daily life easier such as Mobile Banking, CepBank, the nearest Branch/ATM and Investment Consultant.

The e-Trader application can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

The transaction fees and commission rates for the trading transactions performed via the e-Trader iPhone application are the same as the transaction fees and commission rates on Internet Banking. To be able to perform trading transactions, you need a stock and/or TurkDex agreement from Garanti. To perform trading transactions and view your portfolio, all you have to do is to log on to Mobile Banking via the application.

With the Garanti e-Trader application, you can follow general stock data, search for stocks and access instant exchange rates and market news without paying any additional fees.

With the e-Trader iPhone application;

  • Performing Transactions: You can perform the following transactions regarding stocks: Buy/Sell orders, split orders, order correction, order improvement, order cancellation.
    You can perform the following transactions regarding TurkDex contracts: Buy/Sell orders, order improvement, order cancellation.
  • Viewing Data: You can access real-time session, exchange rate and market information.
  • Easy Transactions: You can perform trading transactions by displaying the price information via either the Stock and TurkDex details page or the My Portfolio menu.
  • Reminders: With the push notification infrastructure, you can receive reminders when a chosen symbol reaches the specified value.
  • Depth and Intermediary Institution Information: When you have a suitable service package, you can access depth and intermediary institution information for stocks and TurkDex contracts.
  • Viewing the Portfolio: Garanti customers, by logging on, can have access to real-time portfolio information, view their daily orders and perform stock trading transactions. They can also view TurkDex margin information and daily orders, and perform trading transactions.
  • News: You can have real-time access to news compiled by the Matriks news center from Turkish and international news agencies and view the Daily Review from Garanti.
  • Currency Converter: With the calculator  on the Parities menu, you can have access to up-to-date exchange rate information.
  • Creating a Personalized Page: By adding all the instruments that you want to follow to My Page, you can have shortcut access to all the details.

In addition to investment functions;

  • Sending Money with CepBank: You can have shortcut access to CepBank via the application and securely send money to anyone's (including individuals who are not Garanti customers) mobile phone at anytime.
  • Mobile Banking: You can access Garanti Mobile Banking via the application.
  • Nearest Branch and ATM: You can view the list of the nearest branches and ATMs on the map and display their detailed address and contact information.
  • Investment Consultant: You can contact the Alo Garanti Investment Staff and perform your stock and TurkDex transactions.

To download the application, click here.

To be able to download the application, you need the iTunes program installed on your computer.

For all your questions about downloading and using the e-Trader iPhone application, click here.