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Garanti Pension is helping out our children, not the streets!

Children have always been the focal point in the social responsibility projects that Garanti Pension has realized up until today. Now, in collaboration with Boğaziçi University's Lifelong Education Center, Garanti Pension is happy and excited to launch another long lasting social responsibility project for children.

Children working on the streets or forced to work on the streets are becoming a more serious problem of our country and unfortunately their numbers are increasing by each passing day. While some of these children both go to school and work on the streets, majority of them drop out of school completely.

As we all know, taking care of the household is not the duty of the children. However families, knowingly or unknowingly allow this to happen or even encourage it. However children working on the streets face all kinds of danger. The way to protect children at this point is to keep them at school. The primary objective of this project is exactly that.

Within the scope of the Kalem Tutan Eller project, conducted with the slogan “Let their future be schools, not streets”;

  • Children both pursuing education and working on the streets are encouraged to stay in school and improve their level of success with the objective of keeping them off the streets.
  • At their schools, children undergo a biweekly training program directed towards improving their success.
  • Guidance counselors who take part in the project, while contributing to the education of the children, also periodically meet with their parents explaining the importance of their children's education and raise awareness that taking care of the household is the duty of the parents, not the child.
  • İstanbul has been selected as the pilot region. In the first phase, the project will be implemented at 15 primary education schools in Bağcılar, Esenler, Küçükçekmece, Sultangazi and Ümraniye counties where there are many primary school students working on the streets.
  • In the current educational year, approximately 1.000 children at these 15 schools and their parents will be reached. In the upcoming phases of the project, more schools and children will be reached. The project will be extended to all the counties in İstanbul.