All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.

Your own home is just a phone call away.

Mortgage Expert Garanti’s 444 EVİM Call Center has made 3,000 people homeowners

Accessible via its 444-3846 toll-free number, 444 EVİM is Turkey’s first mortgage call center set up by Turkey’s Mortgage Expert, Garanti. Performing successfully from its very first day of operation, 444 EVİM has already made 3,000 people homeowners. 444 EVİM went into service in April 2008. By August 2009, the total volume of home financing made available through 444 EVİM had reached TRL 190 million. Operating on a 24/7 basis as part of the Garanti Call Center, 444 EVİM’s specially trained and certified mortgage experts have also provided mortgage-related information to more than 220,000 callers.

When asked about this subject, Garanti Mortgage General Manager Cemal Onaran said “We set up 444 EVİM in order to provide the best possible solutions in line with customers’ needs and expectations and by doing so we fulfilled a most important need.

ince then we have continued to develop 444 EVİM. For customers coming into realtors that work with GarantiBank, we have also introduced new services such as online consultation via videophone and, which make it possible to engage in face to face discussions with 444 EVİM mortgage experts. Thanks to the innovations made possible by 3G technology, we’ve also launched a video call center that takes 444 EVİM up a notch by making it possible for consumers to get information about and apply for mortgages using their own mobile phones. In a short time, 444 EVİM has responded to more than 220,000 calls while the volume of home financing that we have provided through this channel has reached about the TRL 190 million level. When we compare these numbers with the results achieved by other firms active in the mortgage business, they are impressive. As the leader of the mortgage business, Garanti will continue to make life easier for consumers and realtors and for everyone else in the real estate industry through the innovative products and services that it will be launching in the period ahead.”

You too can take advantage of the convenience and service provided by Mortgage Expert Garanti: Thanks to 444 EVİM, the home of your dreams is just a phone call away.