All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.

The easiest and fastest consumer credit you can use: Loan via POS!

Another groundbreaking Garanti product  that “first in Turkey and first in the world”: Loan via POS. With Loan via POS it’s easier than ever to make use of credit over your GarantiPOS: There’s no need to visit your branch, block your POS turnover, or post any extra collateral.

Loan via POS features

Loan via POS is extended without the need for a cosigner or collateral.

The minimum single drawdown is TRL 2,000. The maximum is TRL 9,000.

Between 3 (minimum required) and 12 (maximum allowed) monthly installments.

The POS owner may extend POS credit to customers and/or company shareholders both through POS units and through bank branches.

How Garanti Loan via POS works

To taking advantage of the Loan via POSyou must be a GarantiBank SME customer, you must have already been using at least one GarantiPOS unit for at least twelve months, and your total turnover must be more than TRL 10,000 a year.

If you satisfy these conditions you can apply for a Loan via POS by contacting the Garanti branch you work with or even over your GarantiPOS unit and immediately take care of any urgent financing needs you may have.

To apply for a Loan via POS over your GarantiPOS unit:

Select the “Loan via POS” option* on the transaction menu and press the ENTER button.

On the Loan via POS menu that opens, select “APPLY FOR CREDIT” and enter the amount of credit and the terms you’re applying for.

In about five minutes’ time, reopen the “Loan via POS” option on the transaction menu and select “QUERY/USE” to see the results of your application.

For more detailed information please contact any GarantiBank branch or call our SME Consultation Helpline on 444 KOBİ / 444 5624.

* If the “POS CREDIT LINE” option does not appear on your POS menu even though you satisfy all of these requirements, please contact our POS Support Line on 0212 444 0 339 for assistance.