Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.

Garanti received Turkey's first "Human Resources Management Award."

Garanti Bank was honored with the first "Human Resources Management Award" by the  Turkish Association of Personnel Management (PERYÖN). The award received in the "Practices That Make A Difference" category, was presented to Garanti with a ceremony held at the 16th National Human Resources Management Congress. Garanti won the award for its work entitled Yıldız/Star Human Resources Model which aims to meet the ever changing need in human resource.

Executive Vice President of Garanti Bank Gökhan Erün, in his statement regarding the subject, said "We have developed the Yıldız/Star Human Resources Model to establish a system that would meet the changing need in human resource structure. We aimed to satisfy our human resource need that comes with rapid growth with an integrated human resources model that increases employee loyalty and meets employees' needs. Our objective is to create  common awareness, a measurable integrated system and career process and manage change." 48 companies, evaluated within the scope of the Human Resources Management Awards, competed in 4 main categories consisting of Recruitment, Performance Management, Training and Development, and Practices That Make A Difference.

November 30th, 2008