All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.

Announcement concerning mobile number portability

Mobile number portability (MNP) is a system that makes it possible for subscribers to change (“port”) from one mobile network operator to another without any other changes in their telephone numbers. GarantiBank’s SMS services will continue to function without problems after MNP goes into effect in Turkey on 9 November 2008.

If you decide to taking advantage of MNP and port to another mobile network operator, any automatic payment instructions that you may have previously given for Turkcell, Avea, and Vodaphone accounts before porting will be applicable only to amounts that have been or will be invoiced by your old operator: THEY WILL NOT APPLY TO YOUR NEW OPERATOR. To take advantage of automatic payments with your new mobile network operator, you must give new instructions. You may do this from the Garanti Online Branch, by calling Alo Garanti on 444 0 333, or by stopping by any GarantiBank branch.

If you have your mobile phone number ported from Turkcell to another mobile network operator, any regular counter loading instructions that you may have previously given will become invalid. In the case of any Turkcell / Avea / Vodaphone Quick Counter Loads that you may have defined before porting your number, you will need to update the mobile network operator information about your ported number. You can do this  from the Garanti Online Branch “Payments” menu > “Load Counters” > “Quick Counter Loads”.

After porting your mobile number, you may continue using all of the same Cepbank SMS messages that you already use except for those about loading counters to another mobile number. To load counters to another mobile number from Cepbank after porting, you will need to indicate the destination number, the number of counters, and your PIN as usual but you will also have to include another parameter consisting of the first letter of the name of the target mobile network operator. For example if your PIN is “2109” and you want to send 100 counters to someone whose number (5329876543) has been ported to Avea, your text message would look like this: 5329876543 100 A 2109.