Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.

Garanti named "The Best Bank of Turkey" for the 9th time

Garanti Bank has been selected as Turkey's best bank by Euromoney magazine, receiving the "Euromoney Award for Excellence" for the ninth time. In a statement, Euromoney said the award came as a result of the bank's impressive financial performance in 2007 despite the global turbulence. Euromoney awards are given, in July every year, to corporations which determine excellence standards for banking and capital markets in its country within the last one year.

Factors that led Garanti towards the award include Garanti's strong growth, top spot in the cash and non-cash lending-fields, leading role as a mortgage lender, strong client focus, rapid expansion of branches network, as well as trust of international investment banks on Garanti even during the global turbulence.

On the award, Ergun Özen, CEO of Garanti Bank, said, "We are extremely happy to have received this award for the ninth time, which is expected every year by the financial institutions impatiently. Once again, the growth and service performance that we exhibited without compromising from quality were appreciated not only by our customers but also by Euromoney. As Garanti, we continued our strong growth during the global economic turbulence. Our performence was great in the first half of 2008. However, the rest of the year will be much more difficult. As usual, Garanti will never compromise from its sustainable growth strategy and its service philosophy aiming to work always for better achievements. As always, we owe this success to our employees."

Euromoney Award For Excellence

Euromoney, one of the world's leading finance magazines, features insights, comments and articles about global banking, finance and capital markets. The magazine's excellence awards is celebrating its 17th year in 2008. The awards go to finance institututions and banks, which have demonstrated the best performance in their products in 100 countries. Winners are determined according to opinions of major finance journalists, customers and independent analysts.

July 3rd,2008