Yet more awards for Garanti Bank.Yet more awards for Garanti Bank. once again named one of the "World's Best Internet Banks in Europe"

Global Finance, one of the world's most highly respected business and finance magazines, named GarantiBank as the winner of a total of 10 awards in 4 separate categories in the first round of its "World's Best Internet Banks in Europe 2008" competition. This is the 9th year Global Finance has named the World's Best Internet Banks. The magazine's editors selected the winning banks on the basis of such criteria as their online service strategies, use rates, tangible benefits, security, and web site design and functionality. With a total of ten awards, GarantiBank outdistanced its rivals as the bank with the most nominations in Europe. The awards will be handed out at a ceremony in New York City in November of this year. is the recipient of ten awards in the Global Finance competition in such categories as "Europe's Best Consumer Internet Bank", "Europe's Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank", and "Turkey's Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank". In a statement concerning the awards, GarantiBank's Assistant General Manager Fuat Erbil said "It's highly gratifying that we should number among the best of those in Europe as well as of Turkey. These awards motivate us to take our success even further."

As one of the biggest players in online banking with 1.2 million active users, Garanti by itself controls about a 27% market share of Turkey's active online banking customers. Garanti customers make intensive use of to take care of their banking and other financial needs. According to published figures, 60% of all GarantiBank non-cash banking transactions take place over the internet while 30% of the bank's financial products are sold via non-branch channels.

Garanti's awards

  • Best Internet Banks in Europe *
    Best Consumer Internet Bank in Europe
    Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in Europe
  • Best Consumer Internet Banks
    Europe's Best Internet Bill Payment and Presentment System
    Europe's Best Information Security Initiatives
    Europe's Best Integrated Consumer Bank Site
    Europe's Best Online Consumer Credit Site
    Europe's Best Online Deposits Acquisition
  • Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks
    Europe's Best Web Site Design
    Europe's Best Information Security Initiatives
  • Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks by Country
    Turkey's Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank

Global Finance

Launched in 1987, Global Finance reaches nearly 350,000 readers in 158 countries around the world today. Regarded as one of the world's most highly respected business and finance magazines, Global Finance addresses an audience among whose members number the senior managers of large global companies and financial institutions. Global Finance is also regularly read by a significant number of the 8,000 portfolio managers who together control more than 80% of all of the world's professionally managed assets.

* The world's 50 largest financial institutions are excluded from the "European Region Best Internet Banks" category. All other awards are given out on the basis of an selection made from all entry banks.
August, 23 2008