All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.All the news/developments about Garanti and the banking sector.

A “smart deal” idea from GarantiBank: Win-Win Mortgage

Garanti Mortgage has developed a new product that offers special advantages to those who’ve purchased a home financed by a Garanti mortgage and who now want to sell that home before the mortgage has been paid off to a buyer who also takes out a Garanti home financing loan.

Win-Win Mortgage is yet another in a long line of Garanti “firsts” in Turkey. With a Garanti Win-Win Mortgage:

  • The buyer is spared the normal TRL 500.00 appraiser’s fee.
  • The procedures involved in appraisal, mortgaging, and crediting are all completed in much less time than is usual.
  • When the sale is finalized, TRL 500 in Bonus points are loaded into both the buyer’s and the seller’s Garanti Bonus, Bonus Counter, or Paracard irrespective of the amount of the loan.

When asked about this subject, Garanti Mortgage General Manager Cemal Onaran said “With our Win-Win Mortgage product our aim is to please both new mortgage customer home buyers and sellers by offering them a variety of advantages and conveniences. Both buyer and seller are spared the burden of appraisal fees while formalities can be completed on both sides much faster than is usual. In addition, both buyer and seller earn TRL 500.00 in Bonus points for taking advantage of a Garanti Win-Win Mortgage. In the period ahead we shall be continuing to make use of our mortgage business expertise by offering products and opportunities that are beneficial to consumers in every possible way.”