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Donate to the “We’re adding kindergartens“ campaign from the Garanti Online Branch or from any Garanti Paramatik.

By taking part in the “We’re adding kindergartens” campaign being conducted jointly by NTV and UNICEF, you too can contribute towards the building of kindergartens around the country.

Preschool education is widely recognized as being very important to children’s physical and intellectual development and experts in the field generally recommend 5 as the age at which to start preschool education. Research has repeatedly shown that children who attend kindergarten have more self-confidence, are more eager to learn, are more inquisitive about what they don’t understand, and are faster at picking up new knowledge and skills. Preschool also makes life easier for children when they begin primary school. In order to ensure equality of opportunity, it is very important to make access to kindergartens as widespread as possible for children all over the country.

To accomplish this, the “We’re adding kindergartens” campaign was launched nationwide in 2008. A joint undertaking by NTV and the UNICEF Turkish National Committee, “We’re adding kindergartens’ seeks to build new kindergartens in thirteen of the country’s cities at the outset. Why not lend your hand in supporting a campaign aimed at giving our children the very best start in life possible? Your donations can held add more kindergartens to Turkey.

You can donate to the “We’re adding kindergartens” campaign from the Garanti Internet Banking and from any Garanti Paramatik by going to Payments > Donations > UNICEF: We’re adding schools > We’re adding kindergartens.