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What should I do if I want to close my time deposit account?

You can close your account any time you want. You can close your accounts which you have opened through Online Banking and have a balance up to 30.000 TL (or the foreign currency equivalent) using Online Banking. The accounts that have a balance of more than 30.000 TL (or the foreign currency equivalent) or the accounts that you have opened at the branch, can only be closed at the branch.

  1. What are the features and advantages of the Current Gold Account?

    Current Gold Account is a deposit account that enables you to safely invest in grams of gold.

  2. Can I withdraw money from my time deposit account before the maturity of the term?

    The balance in your time deposit account consists of two parts; the principal and the interest. If you withdraw the principal before the maturity of the term, you terminate the term deposit.

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