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Are my savings secure? What happens if the pension company encounters financial troubles?

Your savings in the Private Pension System are completely secured. The pension investment fund assets purchased with the contribution payments that you have made are held in custody at Takasbank. The assets of the pension company and the pension investment fund assets are separate. In accordance with the Law No: 4632 on Private Pension Savings and Investment System, article 17, Fund assets cannot be pledged, put up as collateral, be levied by third parties and included in the bankruptcy estate.
Necessary legal regulations have been introduced to ensure the security of the Private Pension System. The Pension Supervision Center monitors the operations of pension companies on daily basis. Additionally, the whole system is overseen by the Treasury Department and the CMB.
You can reach the legislation regarding Private Pension through

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  2. When are the contribution payments made and when are they channeled into investments?

    While the contribution payments can be automatically made through your credit card or bank account, they may also be made through EFT/Money Transfer or as cash payments at the bank.

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