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Who audits the pension funds, and how?

Internal Audit

The fund's operations in terms of compliance with internal audit principles and procedures are audited by internal auditors of the company.

Control Audit

The operations of the company's funds, portfolio managers and the custodian (Takasbank) within the scope of the Private Pension Savings and Investment System Law and the regulations regarding the principles of establishment and operations of pension and investment funds are audited by the Capital Markets Board at least once a year.

Accounting and record keeping system and independent external audit

In matters regarding  accounting, record keeping system and independent external audit, the regulations of the Capital Markets Board are complied with. The funds' accounts and operations are subject to independent external audit on a quarterly and annual basis.

  1. Can I change the pension company?

    Yes. If you are not happy with the pension plan you have chosen and the return generated through the pension investment funds, you may change your pension company whenever you wish after your 1 year is up with the pension company which you have entered into an agreement or 1 year after your last change of company.

  2. Who audits the pension companies, and how? How is the security provided?

    The pension companies, in accordance with clearly set procedures and principles, are overseen and audited.

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