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In what investment instruments do the pension companies invest the contribution payments that I make?

The pension companies must offer you at least 3 different pension funds for you to choose among. You can request your savings to be invested in the funds that you select among the pension company's funds as follows;
A. A minimum of 30% in funds composed predominantly of government debt securities.
B. A maximum of 15% in funds composed predominantly of foreign securities.   

Within the pension funds, the following instruments are available

a. Cash, time deposit and demand deposit
b. Debt instruments (including reverse repo) and stocks.
c. Assets based on precious metals and real estate.
d. Repo transactions
e. Derivatives and options contracts
f. Stock exchange money market transactions
g. Investment fund participation certificates.
h. Other money market and capital market instruments which are approved by the Capital Markets Board.
You can obtain detailed information regarding 7 pension investment funds offered by Garanti Pension through the "Pension Investment Funds" step of the "Products" menu.

  1. How often can I change the distribution of the contribution amounts among the funds within the pension plan?

    In the Private Pension System, there are pension plans as products, and pension investment funds within each pension plan.

  2. Who is Garanti Asset Management?

    Operating since 1997, Garanti Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of Garanti Bank A.Ş. The company provides investment fund management and corporate portfolio management services.

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