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What is a pension investment fund, what are its types and what are its difference from other investment funds?

A pension investment fund is an investment fund where the contribution amounts paid for retirement are channeled into investments. They are established by pension companies and managed by portfolio management companies.
The funds that your money is invested in should be managed by experts. Therefore the pension company collaborates with portfolio management companies for the management of the funds.
Investment instruments can appear in investment funds in different ratios. For example, if more than 80% of a fund is composed of government debt instruments, the fund is called "government debt instruments fund", if it is composed of liquid investment instruments it is called "liquid fund".

Garanti Pension's 7 funds are managed by Garanti Asset Management.

The pension companies are obliged to offer at least 3 pension funds that involve different risk and return levels that would address different expectations resulting from different risk profiles. The pension companies can also offer more alternatives. Garanti Pension offers 7 pension investment funds with different contents which are all managed by Garanti Asset Management. You can reach the information regarding the contents and features of these funds through the Pension Investment Funds step of the Products menu.
These funds are specially created to invest and manage the contribution amounts paid to the Private Pension System. They can only be purchased by individuals who enroll in the Private Pension System.

  1. How often can I change the distribution of the contribution amounts among the funds within the pension plan?

    In the Private Pension System, there are pension plans as products, and pension investment funds within each pension plan.

  2. Who is Garanti Asset Management?

    Operating since 1997, Garanti Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of Garanti Bank A.Ş. The company provides investment fund management and corporate portfolio management services.

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